Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art Box

Greetings one and all,
I hope everybody had a great summer and that all your wishes and dreams came true.
At the tail end of summer this year I have been working on self portraits and had the good luck to find a free news box. I have painted it and place it between NW Glisan and NW Hoyt in front of Cannibals Gallery in Portland, Oregon. I am calling it an “Art Box”. In the tradition of Mail Art I am hoping other artists will drop off their postcards, Xerox’s, creative media and art works that they want to share and in turn take artwork someone else has left to share. I believe this has the potential to be fun, surprising and enjoyable for a wide variety of people. If you are in the northwest district in Portland stop by Cannibals Gallery at 518 NW 21st and look for my Art Box, take some art and drop some off. I am in the market for more Newspaper box’s so if you know of some for free drop me a line at ( )
Wishing you all the best,
Jason Berlin


Anonymous said...

Great and good idea! I'll drop something in the box the next time I'm in PDX!

Your painting have really coalesced!

Anonymous said...

Can the Newspaper boxes vary in design.? Would you accept a fabricated replica.? Standardization or misc..?
el brujo de cachivache