Thursday, February 24, 2011


Greetings from the snow covered pump house.
I thought it was time to update this blog since I am snowed in again and have a little bit of free time on my hands. I have been a fan of the American artist Louise Nevelson and her work.
She is well known for her monochromatic assemblages in black, white, and gold.
They are made out of wooden found objects, crates and the discarded things of the every day. "When you put together things that other people have thrown out, you’re really bringing them to life – a spiritual life that surpasses the life for which they were originally created."
These works are inspired by the work of Nevelson.
I have been working on these assemblages a long time. I am elevating throw away objects and the discarded of the every day, giving them new meaning and elevating them to a higher level than what they were intended to be used for.
“I fell in love with black; it contained all color. It wasn't a negation of color... Black is the most aristocratic color of all... You can be quiet, and it contains the whole thing”. (Louise Nevelson)
I hope you enjoy
Jason Berlin


Larry said...

Those are excellent - Love them! Want to see one in person sometime.

Anonymous said...

Have seen these in Cannibals Gallery.....People comment positively about them. I think they give L.N. a run for her money. Cheers, Mark ;]

Rosemary said...

I hope you'll show these in "River City" someday so I can see them. I'm intrigued.